New York and Connecticut: PerDiemz is here to settle the nurse staffing gaps and working hours hassles!

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The healthcare industry had been on the verge of a collapse during the Pandemic. While no one had anticipated this event that took everyone by storm, it is always wise to be prepared for more of it to come in the future. 

A balanced healthcare staffing has been a fiction for long and with PerDiemz in the picture, you could hope it to become a reality. 

So what is PerDiemz? 

PerDiemz is a multifaceted platform that is designed keeping the needs of both nurses as well as the healthcare facilities in mind. 

It is an app that nurses can use to explore standard work opportunities across New York and Connecticut. Right from exploring opportunities in open shifts, applying to invites, tracking their earnings throughout the month to connecting with the potential employers, everything can be accessed from a single app.

For the facilities and hospitals who are always on the verge of breakdown due to shortage of qualified staff, the portal of PerDiemz is a boon. They can create open shifts, invite qualified staff to apply, track attendance and payout — all from this single dashboard. 

How does PerDiemz plan to stabilize the staffing gaps of nurses at New York and Connecticut?

Let’s first talk about the current problems faced. Nurse staffing gaps is a broad term that accounts for many other problems attached to it. 

  • Dearth of best suited candidates: Taking care of patients is no joke and hence, facilities need the right staff while filling in the nurse gap shifts. A nurse who has just started his/her career cannot go on to take care of patients that are in serious condition. In case of any emergencies, experienced nurses can make strong calls on their own. 

    Every facility has a need of its own since they tend to different kinds of patients. 

  • No established network to reach out nurses – A lot of the staffing will be taken care of by outsourcing it to third party agencies that grab hefty fees and in case of emergencies, there is no workaround the time that goes in having the right people at the right time.

Unless the facilities are managing everything on their own, they are left to rely on the employment agencies who may or may not provide an instant solution.

  • The pay, time and burnout issue

It is no secret that nurses put in long hours and often suffer from burnout. And with last year, it gets even more difficult. Nurses often suffer from more anxiety, lack good quality sleep, do not have a defined schedule of lifestyle and go through a lot of stress due to the kind of work they do. It is fair to say their job is no joke and it needs the right attention. 

They do eventually get used to the routine but one cannot ignore the fact that they as well need care, right work-life balance and a deserving pay for it. 

  • No family life: Nurses often lack a proper work-life balance cause it is normally mandatory for them to put in long working hours. After a lot of burnout, all that is left is time for them to rest, revive and get back to work. 

They lack deep personal life and that is a critical issue that this industry needs addressing. 

How will PerDiemz solve the factored problems? 

  • It will create a strong network of qualified nurses 

What is primarily missing is a strong network of well qualified nurses who are experienced and can help in eliminating the inevitable staffing gap. PerDiemz brings facilities and nurses on the same platform so they can connect and rectify the situation. 

It is foreseen to be a marketplace of sought that will exclusively be for the nurses and the facilities. 

  • Facilities can directly contact nurses

The best part about PerDiemz is that the middle layer that withholds immediate action in case of emergencies is removed. A facility can immediately create an open position, get the list of nurses available in that time slot and invite them to apply. 

The nurses since they have set their preferences accordingly are naturally available and hence the situation is controlled. With many options, the facilities can scan the credentials quickly and go on to hire nurses as needed. 

  • A mentionable and transparent pay structure will be offered

Nurses can check-in/out real time from the app itself. They need not inform the manager at the facility or anyone about their arrival. Their check-ins are registered in the system. 

Weekly earnings and payouts can be easily tracked from the app itself making it user-friendly and a go-to place for everything. They can even go on to check their daily, weekly and monthly schedule to plan out things accordingly. What more can you ask for?

  • Nurses will have the freedom to set preferences for their jobs

This is possibly the best and the most important feature that PerDiemz offers to nurses. It’s not just what comes along the way but options based on the preferences set. 

Nurses can set the choice of location, the timings and the days so they get the invite accordingly. In their search, they will get the results based on the preferences set.  

  • Facilities will have access to the best pool of talent

Nurses can register on the platform only after they have gone through all the background checks set by PerDiemz which means best and reliable nurses are there to source from. 

The facilities need not worry about their reliability and credentials. All they need to do is scan through the profile and invite the ones that best match their needs. 

This way, PerDiemz plans to change the way work is perceived by a nurse, starting off with New York and Connecticut. 

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